I had an opportunity to interview Mark Curry, former Bad Boy recording artist, and author of Dancing With the Devil – How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip Hop.  Mark is probably best known for his feature on the “Bad Boys for Life” single, and has made various other appearances on P Diddy’s albums.

He wrote this book out of frustration from being on the label some close to ten years, but receiving little to no support from Diddy. He never released an official album, and no producers were ever paid for his project.

In the interview, he discusses everything from what he considers a missed opportunity to release a successful album (Bad Boys for Life) to Shyne’s incarceration–whom he considers a brother.

I’ll have the audio track to YouTube early next week (much shorter version), but for now here’s the zshare:

(improved link)


Buy the book directly from his website.