I don’t know if this means she’ll be participating in continental negro snatching a la Madonna & friends, or if she’s about to start auditioning black peen, but I’ma need Amy to get her priorities straight.

Thank God the damn trollop is finally doing something in rehab tho.  It’s overtime for her to follow up on Back to Black.  She’s still got the chops, & all this circus shit is not only tired, but it’ll send her to an early grave.  I’d at least want her to put out 2-3 more albums before she peaces out.  Hoe don’t pull a Lauryn.

From the DailyMail:

She added: ‘We’re still in love, though. I do love him. But guess what? He’s having a baby now and I’m so, so happy. My baby is having a baby!’

Fielder-Civil is indeed expecting a child later this year with Gileen Morris, a 31-year-old blonde he met in rehab last year.

Amy is said to have written a song called Ultimate Betrayal about it.

But this week, any betrayal seemed to be forgotten.

She says breezily: ‘I couldn’t have given him kids – and anyway I want black kids, not white kids.’