June 2009

If you’ve been following Charlamagne on Twitter, you know he’s been a long time Maino supporter.  Today he went to Best Buy & purchased 10 copies of his If Tomorrow Comes...then ate the receipt.

I Wanna Be Where You Are By Erykah Badu & The Roots

One of the greatest things coming out of Michael’s deaths to me is that people are singing and dancing for him out of celebration of his life. We have a lot to say about the BET awards for instance, and how it lacked this simple thing. How hard is it if you’re a celebrity to pick up a mic and sang a simple song or to put on your dancing shoes and bust a move?

I’m so disappointed in a lot of artists, man. I want to here heartfelt covers and see reinactments. Am I trippin’ or is that not a good way to pay homage? What’s hard here people?

I say all that to say, Erykah and The Roots sort of went in & it was just really great to hear it. Enjoy.


Now I love CiCi and everything, & none of these fools are touching her when it comes to this dance shit. Have you seen the Work video?? Exactly. But what I’ma need this brawd NEVER TO DO is pick up a microphone & try to shut it down w/a ballad. There was no world healing @ the BET Awards when Ciara opened her mouth.  I didn’t even know WHO was singing until they zoomed in!! The horror!! *washes ears out w/Beyonce*



Now I loveded this dude, but I don’t know about all THIS:

Gary Taylor, president and owner of MJJcommunity.com, said he understood the tragedies had mostly taken place outside of the UK but he believed one may have been British.

“I know there has been an increase, I now believe the figure is 12. I believe there may have been one Briton who has taken their life,” he said.

“It is a serious situation that these people are going through but Michael Jackson would never want this. He would want them to live.” [SOURCE]

ciara_1Photo Credits: Getty Images

Don’t you love it when people just know they look good?? You can’t tell Ciara & her new titties SHIT!! She is working that chocolate gown!! But even a grand entrance like this couldn’t save us from that dreadful “Heal the World” performance. I still love you, CiCi!! I got those pics coming up shortly.

You know what to do—>



This is truly the end of an era folks. What kind of a world votes off Michael Jackson and Vibe Magazine?? Vibe does have a digital presence, so maybe this won’t be the complete end of them.

Vibe magazine, the urban-music magazine founded in 1993 by Quincy Jones, is the latest victim of the media recession. A source with knowledge of the situation tells DailyFinance that the staff has learned the magazine is ceasing publication, and assistants in the offices of editor in chief Danyel Smith and publisher Edgar Hernandez confirmed the news. No further information was immediately available. Messages left for Smith, Hernandez and Vibe Media CEO Steve Aaron were not immediately returned. [SOURCE]

alicia_2Photo Credits: Getty Images

Alicia Keys looked FABULOUS @ the BET Awards. Loved the shoes & the shirt/dress, but that PIMPLE!! Everywhere you turned it was just LOOKING at us. SPEAKING to us. MOCKING us.

Congratulations to Ms. Keys for winning the Humanitarian Award for her Keep a Child Alive foundation!! More pics after the break:


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