Last night during the Nuggets vs Mavericks game Lala just about laid the smack down on rival team fans who she suggest pushed her too far. While watching the game with her friend, rapper Trina, Lala says fans started shouting racial slurs and insults causing her to defend her self. The official statement:

“Obviously the play-off games bring out the best and the worst in fans but what happened on Monday night with the racial slurs/threats, verbal attacks on my son and physcial attacks to myself by irate fans was unacceptable”, states Lala. “The fans were totally out of control. What the cameras captured was me defending myself and didn’t show the abuse that was taking place.”

Rumor has it that she punched someone on the face which I wouldn’t doubt judging from this video. All I know is people don’t get that irate for nothing and fans can push boundaries. They must not know she from Brooklyn, son!