In the midst of shaking my big ass head, I couldn’t help but to have a LITTLE BIT of a chuckle behind this shit.  Cassie was the talk of the net for all of what…24 hours?? Now even her nude pics have been trumped by RiRi’s. Not even a gynecological coochie shot could keep a buzz.

I was telling folks on Twitter that this reminded me of the Christina-Madonna-Britney lesbionic spit swap. Christina gave it the best tongue that she had, but couldn’t pay anybody to give a fuck.

On to recent developments…if Chris Brown did leak these pics, there couldn’t be a bigger bitch on the planet. As if pummeling RiRi wasn’t enough!! BASS!! How low can he go?? Now a message to all my girls:

Would you bitches STOP POSING BUTTNAKED for these bammas?!

Unless Playboy is your next move cover dem joints up and stick to the occasional nip slip on the red carpet.