Got this email from a Rihanna fan today:

I shared giggles with Rihanna at Tillman’s last night while we were both in the restroom. Her wounds have healed nicely. <–Why did this make me laugh?? Later on, I was almost caught in the paparazzi crosshairs when she was leaving.

Katy Perry and her beau [Travis McCoy] were also there.

Earlier, RiRi didn’t seem to have Chrissy Two Fists (who turned the big 2-0 yesterday to no fanfare) on her mind as she was leaving Gramercy Park Hotel to have lunch at Bar89 in SoHo.

The necklace/earring combo is CRAZY. I almost forgive her for the MET Gala disaster.


And if I wasn’t so fucking thick in the thighs, I’d rock the hell out these boots. But due to genetics, them joints would have me looking like a Flatbush skettel. Nice on RiRi tho!!