Hate is not in my blood!! I’m loving every inch of this non-tampon friendly outfit.

I felt for Miss Jones a little bit. She looks like she’s holding in a massive shit, but when you gotta pose for the camera now (click, click) booboo can wait. Sidenote: That’s not bright white on her purse matched w/off-white in her dress is it?? Am I just blind or is this a hot mess?? Could be both.


An ordinary person would get clowned for this getup, but we KNOW how ReRe & her titties do, so we’re just glad she found support & a blazer. I’ll move on…


Mama no!! Sister Mary Wilson can do no wrong in my book but THIS getup is in a car seat next to ATROCIOUS. And what is that…velvet??


Bitch this is a RACE not a funeral. Cute, but it made me sad.