Millionaire Matchmaker is my favorite reality show, so I would’ve watched anyway. Patti Stanger is the entire shit, and some of you bitter ass bammas need to tune in and learn a thing or two about love & getting past an initial phonecall w/the wrong #.

Tonight’s episode featured Farrah Franklin as the millionaire, and it was good! Not the best episode I’ve seen (I’ll give that to Zagros & Teal), but the star power didn’t hurt.

It starts off as they all do; Patti and staff watch the client’s taped bio and remark & snark. Farrah states her occupation as singer, songwriter, mogul—and former member of Destiny’s Child.  Which is true, but who is thinking of Farrah as a former member of Destiny’s Child these days?? She’s the only former member w/o a significant history w/the group; she shouldn’t mention it unless it’s referenced.

The obvious next question would be, is Farrah really a millionaire?? I mean I don’t know, and don’t really give a fuck. I think we can reasonably conclude she didn’t make much if any money in her short Destiny’s Child stint, but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t made money through other ventures.

When Farrah talked about her past relationship ending b/c her boyfriend was cheating, you could feel the hurt through the screen! She was really choked up about it, and Patti sensed that she was very guarded.

She showed up FOUR HOURS LATE to the meet & greet!! Don’t fuck w/Patti!! She got chewed out for it, but quickly started the dating. During one of her dates, some idiot named CJ seemed to have never heard of Des Moines or Iowa. What rock &/or what rock?

The date she chose Chris, a Systems Engineer was cool & the best looking, but Patti wasn’t pleased when Farrah returned to the offices to recap. It turns out her date’s last relationship ended b/c he was a cheater. She was still willing to pursue, but broke it off at Patti’s urging—she saw it as a red flag.

Farrah’s still looking for love. I hope she finds it!
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