May 2009

Stop the track!! Fellas would you be okay w/this?? I wasn’t watching, so I don’t know if there was a Gabriel reaction shot from the audience, & for all we know maybe they’re into shit like that.  But I don’t know any man that’d be cool w/watching his girlfriend(?)/baby mama get it in on national TV.


Photo Credits: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America
More televised raunch after the jump!!


Sorry for the recent delay in blog posting folks, I was out of town & super busy.  I’ll get back on it Monday!!  About the new ep:

Should black people feel ashamed when doing “black things”??  We discuss everything from chicken & watermelon to ashyness. Watch the episode!!

…and by YOU I mean any cute boys. He wants yall all to come get it and we think he might mean that literally.

Some how he thought it would be a good idea to dance around like a little fast ass girl on Youtube. I won’t spoil it for you, just watch:

His mother is not proud.


This is the type of wedding I’d attend for the reception (open bar + good eats = me & my +1)!! They coulda really kept the ceremony at the court house since the kids are old enough to be in the wedding party. Common law’s as good as a broom jump imo.

My guess is this is much less romantic than people are thinking, & T.I. wanted to guarantee his conjugal visits.

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