All the way to the bank on you motherfukers. In case you missed it, about 6 months ago Marvel showed Terrence Howard just how much of a fuck they gave about his mortgage by pissing on his financial demands, and replacing him w/a darkie—Don Cheadle.


While Howard has been entertaining in a number of films, his performances have  never reached stellar levels like Cheadle, who deserves more Hollywood paydays.


Howard, who played Ironman’s homie Rhodey in the first film told Parade Magazine the decision was “a very, very bad choice”, even going as far as saying karma is on his side. Perhaps he was thinking out loud?  There have been talks of a Rhodey franchise—an opportunity that may very well propel Cheadle into superstardom.

This Bud’s for you, Donnie.

Check out today’s LA Times article by Rachel Abramowitz on “Movie Sequel Casualties” for more diva fails.