Tyrese may not be cakin like Paul McCartney (he made $935,352 last year though; not too fucking shabby), but he mighta learned a thing or two about keeping his money in his wallet.  The pre-nup states that his soon to be ex-wife Norma Gibson would receive $50,000 for every year they were married. Word! Uh, word. They were only married for 10 months so that ain’t exactly winning the lottery. She also doesn’t get the house, the cars, or any of his assets.  In fact, she’s got 60 days to GTF out of his crib, or he can have her removed!!


Slow down niggas around the world poppin bottles & rejoicing—he still has to come off a shitload of dough. Tyrese pays $6,230/mo in child support, which doesn’t include the $2,730 he pays for her rent or the $800 car note!! Golddigger FTW!!

Copy of the Pre-Nup courtesy of TMZ.