So Ray-J found “love” after all. Danger proved she really is a crazy bitch by hyperventilating when he announced he’d be meeting their families. After a brief hospitalization, he sent her home b/c he was worried about her mental health. Took you long enough!! I’d bet anything that act she pulled was a stunt, & her fam probably resembles an episode of Intervention.  Not the type of thing you want to broadcast on the Summerjam screen!!

Unique STILL couldn’t get her hair together. Looks like she kept dem legs together, which is more than we can say for Cocktail.  I was rooting for Cocktail before tonight’s episode, but warmed up to Unique after seeing how cool her family was, which may have been the biggest factor in Ray-J not picking her. He’s obviously not looking for anything longterm.  I can’t wait until Season 2!!