After a frustrating hiatus due to Uber getting shut down by its backers ($$$$) we’ve decided to put the blog BACK IN EFFECT for the ’09!! We’re gonna test this thing out, & maybe just MAYBE we’ll move it to our own server if things get interesting enough around here!!!

Thanks for sticking w/us, & all that good stuff. We’re on Episode #76 now, so keep up!!

We’ve also been featured on‘s blog twice under their “All Things HOT!!” section, so big tings a gwaan for ya favorite bammas!!! Make sure you check it out & let them know you watch the videos!!

Hit us up here, or on Twitter (/kokupuff & /djbelle) if you want to speak to us directly!! There’s always YouTube as well. I can’t stress enough how much we need y’all to SUBSCRIBE!! SUBSCRIBE!! SUBSCRIBE!! The views are wonderful, but the subscribers move the movement!!

Love y’all motherfukers!!!!

– Ko