April 2009

While you were out getting a roller set, the 2009 Fantasy Hair Competition was taking place in Manchester, NH of all places.


Congratulations to model Amaris Brown and stylist Kevin Carter for their winning hairstyle “Proud Peacock”.  WHEY DEY FROM?? DETROIT!! DUH!!

The competition took place on Thursday, April 23rd, 2008. More styles after the break:



Victory for Tyra Banks!! Her stalker was sentenced to a mental institution today following a March 18, 2008 incident where he entered the building where her talk show is filmed.  Prior to the incident, he had been sending her flowers and love letters.

The judge opted not to sentence him to 90 days in jail, saying he needed TREATMENT not a date w/Fleece Johnson. Who is Fleece Johnson you ask??


Things are looking up for Shani Bani who hasn’t generated a hit or a rumor in years!

If nothing else, curiosity will sell these tickets as Ashanti reprises the role Stephanie Mills and Diana Ross made famous. Yes Ashanti will be Dorothy in the New York City Center Encores! Summer Stars production of The Wiz, running from June 12 – July 5 at New York City Center.  This isn’t Ashanti’s first time as Dorothy however.

Here’s Ashanti singing “Kansas” from the ABC movie The Muppets Wizard of Oz. Don’t everybody flood the box office at once!!



In her MySpace blog, Ice of I Love Money 2 rants about getting so close to, but not winning the $250,000, letting her “loyalty and kindness get in the way” over $$$. She also calls Saaphyri an “ugly black orang-o-tang manly looking thing.” Say what??


Easy for her to say NOW since Saaphyri’s doing a 3 year bid.  In 2004, Saaphyri pled no contest to charges of identity theft and running up thousands of dollars in debt for an alleged breast implant surgery.  She was scheduled for sentencing in late 2005, but never showed up to court. In November 2008, she was pulled over in Los Angeles on charges of driving w/an invalid license and sentenced for the previous charges.  Stay up Saaphyri!!

Read Ice’s entry in case it gets edited or deleted…


Remember John Edwards?? The presidential hopeful that cheated on his terminally ill wife Elizabeth, & made a baby w/his side chick??

TMZ is reporting that the New York Daily News has received an advanced copy of Elizabeth’s new book, “Resilience” in which she admits to throwing up upon hearing news of his affair. They’re also reporting that Johnny is so shook by the negative reactions he gets from the public, the bitch won’t even leave the house!! Cheaters NEVER prosper!!


Throwback BelleJenkins episode on the subject:

I mean even people who CAN sing (Jamie Foxx, for example) use AutoTune these days, so there’s no escaping it no matter how much it audibly grates.

But for fun, check out this video for tips on how to sound like T-Pain, Kanye, & Lil’ Wayne for less:

And the negro poaching saga continues…

A Popeyes in Rochester, NY ran out of chicken during the 8 pieces for $4.99 special and customers were HEATED!!! Some of these bammas even tried different locations to no avail.

“They shoulda had a tractor trailer out back…with extra chicken on ice, you know??” – Valued Popeye’s Chicken Customer

So far no reports of chicken deprivation or sustained injuries during the El Pollo Loco or KFC giveaways. I’ll stay tuned…

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